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Dental Clinic Calgary | Children’s Dentistry

Dental Care For Children Calgary

Dental Clinic Calgary | Dental Care Solutions for Children at Willowside Dental in Calgary


Dental care solutions for children begins before the onset of the first tooth. At Willowside Dental we are committed to the oral health of your child and strongly encourage parents to practice good oral hygiene early on. From simple solutions like wiping gum areas with a damp cloth to help with teething, to teaching parents on how to properly brush childrens’ teeth with fluoride toothpaste, we do our best to ensure that your child does not experience oral problems in the future.


The following list outlines areas of child oral health:



When there are a lot of sugary foods in a child’s diet, there is a great risk of developing cavities. We prevent oral health problems for children like white and brown spots on their baby teeth. It may happen sometimes that family members with cavities may pass cavity-causing bacteria to babies and children. At Willowside Lake Dental we provide the best solutions in brushing and flossing to ensure your child develops good oral hygiene.



For dental patients who are too young to risk ingesting fluoride we offer a fluoride varnish as a paint-on alternative. Fluoride allows tooth enamel to harden. It is a very important component of your child’s dental health. We ensure that you get properly educated on the amount of fluoride that is required for your child.



Although it may be normal for children to suck on their thumbs and pacifiers, most children give up on this habit by a certain age. If your child has not stopped after the age of 4, it is important to check for any possible problems in tooth development.



Teething can bring babies discomfort. There are special procedures and tricks designed to stop the pain like cold teething rings and cold washcloths to suck on. It also helps to rub a baby’s gums with clean fingers. Please discuss with us if you can give your baby Tylenol or aspirin to help alleviate any teething discomfort.


Cancellation Policy:

We understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to cancel your dental appointment. We ask that if you do need to do so, please give our office 48 hours notice of your cancellation so we have adequate time to fill your appointment opening and reschedule your appointment for a time that is more convenient for you. We appreciate your cooperation.